Data Generation
for Autonomy

The data you need – just an API call away.


Parallel Domain is a data generation platform for autonomous vehicle development. Our groundbreaking content generation technology offers configurable, detailed, and massively scalable simulation environments. Whether you’re generating synthetic data sets or 3D environments, our systems will automatically produce living worlds that have traditionally required extensive manual labor. Plug our data into your existing stack and outdrive your competitor’s entire catalogue overnight. Generate a new world and do it again tomorrow.


Data generation API

Our API enables you to rapidly generate data for training and testing your autonomous systems. Whether you need to render data sets for machine learning or 3D worlds for your simulator, our systems automatically generate the content needed for large-scale simulation and data set generation.

Consume now or later

Our generation pipeline serves a dual purpose: generating data interactively in live communication with your simulator OR producing libraries of data for later use.

Map to world

Generate full simulation worlds from maps. Our systems understand various forms of both HD and SD map data and automatically pull from additional databases to fill gaps, improve detail, and give baseline coverage where you need it.

Dynamic agents and scenario management

These worlds are not just static; they are living, breathing cities that allow for both controlled scenarios and emergent behaviors that make for the richest simulation environments in the industry.

Layered simulation, from symbolic to sensor

Our layered approach to world generation enables a full spectrum of simulation applications, from rapid symbolic (sensorless) simulation to high fidelity, multi-modal sensor simulation.


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