Data Generation
for Autonomy

The data you need – just an API call away.


Parallel Domain is a data generation platform for autonomy: the sensor data you need – just an API call away. We work with companies to provide high quality labeled sensor data, accelerating the safe deployment of autonomous technology. The ability to obtain large volumes of high quality data is the largest driver of performance of perception algorithms. Synthetic data is a key tool to improve machine-learning algorithms by unlocking new ways to develop, train, and test. Get perfectly annotated data, accelerating data acquisition and annotation processes by orders of magnitude.


Data generation API

Our API enables you to rapidly generate data for training and testing your machine learning algorithms.

Consume now or later

Our generation pipeline serves a dual purpose: generating large scale datasets OR generating live streams of sensor data for integrated simulation.

Multi-model sensor simulation

Our datasets include accurate sensor data, matching your exact sensor configuration.

Dynamic Scenarios

These worlds are not just static; they are living, breathing cities. Vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, animals - our datasets include the challenges your need for training and testing your algorithms.

Rich Labels

Our datasets include layers of accurate labels, from semantic segmentation to pixel-accurate depth.


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